Kullu Hotels: A holiday For Kings!
18.06.2014 17:01

                                              Kullu Hotels | Image Resource : inmanali.com

The North has many popular summer destinations where you can spend your vacation in bliss cuddling in a blanket. Kullu is one of the best places to go to at the summer season to beat the heat. This beautiful place has much to offer and the best way of enjoying yourself is to stay a few days at Kullu which is in the Himachal Pradesh and is known worldwide for its plantations, climate and brave warriors.

This town was referred to as the “Scotland of the East” in the British period cause of its key tourist attractions.  The Kullu hotels are set amidst the nature-kissed Beas river in the Kullu Valley that is situated in the Himachal Pradesh. The rooms usually include superior single, superior double, summit suite, executive room, palace room and superior suites with complimentary newspaper every morning. Facilities like spa for rejuvenation, pool table, table tennis, lawn tennis, fitness centre, wellness centre, beauty salon and Jacuzzi are provided to their guests.

The Kullu hotels host luxurious rooms and amenities at pocket friendly rates. They arrange for trekking and cycling tours for the people who like adventures. A One-day safari is also provided to the visitors where they are taken to the forest areas of Kullu to check out the animals in Himachal Pradesh. A perfect place for leisure as well as business, the hotel offers banquet halls accommodating 300 guests and takes care of organising the events Enjoy your stay in the town of bliss!


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