Hotels in Haridwar : For A Comfortable Pilgrimage!
14.04.2014 15:48

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Haridwar gives a kaleidoscope of Indian culture, nature and civilization. Haridwar also famed as 'Gateway to Gods' is better known as Mayapuri. The followers of Lord Rudra and followers of Lord Vishnu swell the place. It is also a point of gateway to Dev Bhoomi and Char Dham (Four main centers of pilgrimage in Uttarakhand) Via. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. The artistic excellence and the architectural specialties are indescribable. They attract not only the pilgrims from within the country but also an exodus of tourists from abroad.

There are many affluent Hotels in Haridwar. Alia Resort is the place a tourist would want to head for a luxurious stay. India’s traditional therapeutic treatment Ayurveda assorted with the ancient palace will give you physically as well as mentally rejuvenation. Ambrosia Sarovar Portico, Haridwar is one of the classiest hotels, perfect for both business as well as leisure travelers. With aesthetically designed rooms and luxurious facilities, the guests would surely enjoy their stay. Ganga Azur hotel is just walk able distance from the centre of the city market having 35 guest rooms with Vegetarian restaurant. It is ideal for budget travelers. It is very close to the railway station and is built on North Indian architectural style.

The Hotels in Haridwar help the tired travelers with their wonderful services. They provide clean hotels rooms, delicious food and rest, hence making the exhausted devotees feel at home. From budget hotels to luxury resorts, the travelers can choose any kind that they desire.


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