Holiday Amidst Nature In Jamnagar Hotels!
16.07.2014 09:33

                                           Jamnagar Hotels | Image Resource : holidayiq.com

Jamnagar is known as the Jewel of Kathiawar and is situated on the coast of the gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. The beautiful beaches and islands attract people from all walks of life. The hills, forest, the bird sanctuary, marine sanctuary with enthralling corals at the Marine national park are a must see.

Lush green woods, streams and waterfalls make this place a dream destination. Trekkers will be thrilled in this majestic environment. The turtles, dolphins, octopus, fish, dugong and 250 variety of birds, will make you wonder at God’s creation. Jamnagar Hotels offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Hotels in Jamnagar bring you close to the beauty of nature!

Situated in the heart of Jamnagar city is Hotel Aram. It is known for its hospitality and modern amenities. Its matchless ambience, attractive luxuries and opulence welcomes people from all around the world. The rooms are tastefully designed, well furnished, luxurious and appealing.

It hotel has three restaurants that serve good food. It offers in house hygienic laundry, complimentary Wi-Fi, valet parking and airport pick up service. Three conference halls with good facilities, a gym, and back-up generator are provided. Good amenities and room facilities are provided to all the patrons.

Hotel Regency in Jamnagar is where hospitality meets comfort with tradition. This luxury hotel is very good for tourists and business travellers. Shopping malls, Entertainment and business centres are in its vicinity. It is close to the railway station, bus depot and airport making it convenient to guests. A vacation to cherish!


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